Meet the TRÜ Spray System

TRÜ Spray Systems is not your average tint keg sold on the current market, It is the next level of spraying capability.  This has not re-invented the wheel so to speak.…… it has Revolutionized the window tinting installation game! It has made your Spraying, Cleaning, Prep and Installation techniques that much better. With the ability to work longer, faster and more precise.

For the professional we offer you a complete solution! The Original Electronic Battery Operated Spray System that keeps your spraying performance pressure at a constant 90 psi all day with Zero worrying about the loss of water pressure, including the ability to change or adjust your water solution dilutions out in the field without carrying an air compressor. In fact you can run your tank from full to empty with the lid off (I know, crazy right?)

Gone are the days of continually squeezing the trigger on a spray bottle or forever hand pumping that plastic chemical bottle found at the hardware store or the reliance of an air compressor to pressurize your old style tank through a air nozzle valve...... now you can just hit the "TRÜ Source" On/Off Switch and spray infinitely!

Our TRÜ Spray system will take your efficiency and capability to the next level allowing you to focus on the task not the pressure..... We are proud to offer you the Original TRÜ SPRAY SYSTEMS .


How it all began...

For over 3 decades I have been in this illustrious world of the window film industry. While everyone knows the struggles of using the incorrect tools while installing Window Film, Graphic or PPF (Paint Protection Film), this is where I had found the need to create a revolutionary spraying system that provided that consistent pressure without any loss of that pressure throughout the day, the ability to single-handedly clean and wet a large or small windows while confidently having the ability to handle any window or vehicle with accuracy, speed and confidence.

Fast forward 30 years later and I have now switched roles and I am selling to the very professionals that I still am, the window tinter.

Introduction of TRÜ Spray Systems, The Original Electronic Spraying System, created in 2017 and launching to the consumer in 2021, is the missing link for the installation proficiency and productivity, while being used in the field with proven reliability.

We have sourced and tested the finest matched pieces of equipment to give you what we feel is a proven system for the true professional installer, whether it is for Automobile, Residential, Commercial, Business, Boats, RV or Government Window Tinting, PPF (Paint Protection Film), Graphics or Vinyl Wraps needs.

This system should also be used for the Automotive Detailing Industry as well as any outdoor activity such as Surfing, Mountain Biking, Camping, Boating and any activities that requires a good spray-off cleaning after some fun in the sun, mud or dirt.  I trust you will also agree that this will Change the way you work...... the way you feel.......the way you look!

Thank You, Bruce Slavich

This spray system paid for itself on the first job I used it on! It is well worth the money and build quality is next level!

- John H. @ Sun Tamers Window Tinting, St George Utah

Using the Trü Spray System makes my company look and feel more professional when I am seen by my clients, it’s a real Game Changer

- Cedro R. @ ADS Window Tinting, Kennewick WA

The time and money saved by using the Trü Spray System is beyond compare, it has changed the way I install for the best

- Brian W. @ Clearview Tinting, Glenwood Springs, CO


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