Q:   When will my order ship?

A:  Typically orders ship within 3-5 business day. Orders placed on the weekend typically ship within 24-48 hours of the following Monday. *Please note: due to COVID-19 some orders shipping from our warehouse can be delayed up to 10 business days.

 Q:   How do I change or cancel my order?

A:   If you need to make any changes, please contact us right away!

 Q:   How do I return / exchange my item(s)?

A:    Please submit a return request email to us at (See Returns Policy Below)



Q:   Water Pressure low and seems to run a few extra seconds after trigger is released?

A:   This either happens when you change tanks or first turn the system on or there is air in the line, Solution: simply unscrew the trigger nozzle black retainer and place the in-line filter, spray tip and black retainer in your hand, press the open exposed nozzle for 2 seconds to “purge” the line then replace all the components. This should cure the problem, if not, repeat procedure.

 Q:   Should I leave the water pressurized in the spray line when not in use for long periods?

A:   No, you should relieve the pressure and exit the water out for two reasons; one, to prevent the spray line from premature expansion and two, it helps prevent "smelly" bacteria created by stagnant water sitting in the line.

Solution: After you are done using your system, turn the switch to off and depress the trigger to release all the water and pressure from the hose. (Fun Tip: Open the top of your tank lid and depress the sprayer directly back into the tank to rid the hose of its pressured water) Now re-wrap the hose and attach the hose holder

Q:   When I turn on the TRÜHydro Pump very little or no water comes out?

A:   Our TRÜHydro Pump is self priming, just allow the pump to build pressure for a few seconds, then press and hold the brass spray nozzle lever down to open the flow to help it along, give it a few seconds it will start spraying in no time.

Q:   Should I turn On/Off the TRÜHydro Pump when not in use?

A:   It’s a good idea when transporting your system or changing tanks, but it    does not hurt to leave it on all day!

Q:   My TRÜ Hydro pump seems to now have a hard time keeping up with the demand

A:   Too much pressure has built in the TRÜ Tank resulting in what we call “Back Pressure”.  You will need to pull the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) and it should work normal after that.

Q:   Should my TRÜ Hydro pump be ran dry (no liquid running through)? NO

A:   No, not for any extended period of time otherwise you run the risk of        ruining the pump or lessening the life of the pump which will not be covered under warranty


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